Information on all current Tascam recording products

 I quattro più nuovi prodotti

  • VL-S5
    Powered studio monitor speaker
  • DR-680MKII
    Registratore multitraccia portatile
  • AK-DR70C
    Pacchetto accessori per il DR-70D
  • DR Control
    Remote app for DR-series recorders
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Notizie d’attualità

TA-1VP product page updated

18.02.15 -

TASCAM TA-1VPAdditional information and sound examples are now available for the Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor. Visit the TA-1VP product page to find out more about this fine piece of equipment.

Product page »

Delivery of the US-16x08 started

03.02.15 -

TASCAM US-16x08Tascam announces that the delivery of the US-16x08 has now started. We would like to remind our customers to download and install the appropriate driver for their operating system. Owner’s Manual and Reference Manual are also available for download. Please use the download link given below for this purpose.

Pagina download » | Pagina prodotto »

Compatibility check for OS X Yosemite nearly completed

14.01.15 -

Proper operation of Tascam USB audio interfaces under OS X Yosemite is now largely confirmed. If the appropriate driver listed below is installed for your interface, no further action is required. Users of the US-1641 are asked for a little more patience. The result of our compatibility check for this model will also be available soon,

US-2x2/4x4: No driver required for OS X and iOS
UH-7000: v1.01 or later
US-366/322: v3.01 or later
US-122MKII/US-144MKII, US-200, US-600, US-1200, US-1800, US-2000: v3.00d8 or later