Information on all current Tascam recording products

 I quattro più nuovi prodotti

  • US-1200
    Interfaccia audio USB (6 in, 2 out)
  • UH-7000
    High-end USB audio interface
  • CD-200iL
    CD Player / CD Player con iPod dock
  • AK-DR11
    Accessory package for DR-series handheld recorders
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Notizie d’attualità

Delivery of the UH-7000 started

20.03.2014 -

TASCAM UH-7000Tascam announces that the delivery of the UH-7000 has now started. We would like to remind you to download and install the appropriate driver for your operating system. Please use the download link given below for this purpose.

Download page » | Product page »

OS X Mavericks drivers now available

30.12.2013 -

New drivers supporting OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) are now available in the download area for the following products: US-122MK2, US-144MK2, US-200, US-600, US-1641, US-1800, US-2000, US-322, US-366

These drivers are not compatible with earlier versions of OS X.

Important notice about OS X Mavericks and Safari 6.1 support on USB interfaces

23.10.2013 -

Today, Apple announced the availability of their latest Mac OS X release, 10.9 "Mavericks". Tascam Engineering has determined that our USB drivers have issues in the new release.

This issue affects all current US-series interfaces. We are already hard at work on updated drivers, and plan to have those ready as soon as possible. Our recommendation for all new OS upgrades is to wait for reports on how your software will function in the new system. In this case, we recommend waiting until the new drivers are available for your Tascam interface before making the upgrade.

In addition, the latest version of Safari (6.1) may have problems playing back audio through Tascam interfaces.