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Latest News

16 analogue outputs and a larger SSD for the DA-6400 64-track audio recorder

29.09.16 -

TASCAM IF-AN16/OUTTascam now also offers an interface card with 16 analogue outputs for their DA-6400 64-track digital recorder. Along with two MADI, one Dante and one AES/EBU card, the IF-AN16/OUT is the fifth in the league. An AVB model is also planned.

TASCAM TSSD-480AFurthermore, the TSSD-480A is another SSD available as storage medium for recording. With a capacity of 480 gigabytes, it offers enough room for 64-track recordings of more than 14 hours. Like the 240-gigabyte model, this new mass storage is designed for superior reliability during continuous operation and can be utilized by the recorder using a special caddy (AK-CC25).

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Compatibility with macOS Sierra

27.09.16 -

The following Tascam interfaces have been tested and are proved to be compatible with macOS Sierra:

(SP = Settings Panel version; FW = Firmware version)

Other models (US-122MKII, US-144MKII, UH-7000, US-322, US-366, US-1200, US-1800) are still under investigation. The result will soon be published here.

Compatibility with Mac OS X “El Capitan”

28.01.16 -

Using the latest driver and firmware updates, the following models are compatible with Mac OS X “El Capitan”:
US-2x2, US-4x4, US-16x08, US-20x20, US-200, US-600, US-1641, US-1800, US-2000, US-100, US-122MKII, US-125M, US-322, US-366

Compatibility with Windows 10

10.12.15 -

Using the latest driver and firmware updates (including beta drivers), the following models can be used with Windows 10:
US-2x2, US-4x4, US-16x08, US-20x20, UH-7000, US-322, US-366, US-1800

Moreover, the following products can be used as mass storage devices under Windows 10: DP-32SD, DR-24SD, DP-03, DP-006, DP-008EX, DR-100MKII, DR-44WL, DR-22WL, DR-05, DR-40, DR-07MK2, DR-60D, DR-60DMKII, DR-70D, DR-680, DR-680MKII, DR-10C, DR-10X, DV-RA1000HD, HS-P82

Visit the Sample Music Festival in Berlin

02.10.15 -

Sample Music FestivalOn 10 and 11 October, it might become pretty crowded in one of Berlin’s hottest clubs, the Gretchen. At the Sample Music Festival there will be workshops and demos on samples as an integral part of today’s music culture. Because what was formerly guitar or drums, is now for many people the Turntable or Midi Controller.
Visit us there to find out how Tascam Handheld Recorders and Audio Interfaces can be used for capturing sounds and during production.