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Latest News

Seven videos explain our Master Clock Generators

30.01.18 -

TASCAM CG-1000/CG-1800/CG-2000A total of seven videos on the product page of our CG-1000, CG-1800 and CG-2000 Master Clock Generators now explain the most important features of these highly precise clock generators and show the advantages for the synchronisation of your digital audio devices.
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2018: ISE instead of Musikmesse

22.01.18 -

Integrated Systems EuropeTascam will not be attending the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, this year. Instead, you will find us at the Integrated System Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam from 6 to 9 February 2018. As an annual four-day event with more than 1200 exhibitors, ISE is the world’s largest AV and systems integration show. You are welcome to visit us at Stand 15-T260.

New firmware makes DR-701D fit for Ambisonics recordings

21.12.17 -

TASCAM DR-701DTascam has joined the Sennheiser “AMBEO for VR” partnership programme which has been created to ensure seamless production workflows and interoperability for VR, AR and other 3D content creators and includes acclaimed manufacturers of field recorders, VR live cameras, live streaming software, mixing plug-ins and VR platforms.

With the DR-701D, Tascam has already created the ideal platform for multi-channel recordings two years ago. A firmware update to version 2.0 now allows this six-channel audio recorder to create A- and B-format Ambisonics recordings and open a new dimension of creativity.
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Dante-Enabled Lineup Expanded with Multichannel Interfaces

20.12.17 -

TASCAM ML-16D/ML-32DML‑16D and ML‑32D are multichannel line-level-to-Dante and Dante-to-line-level interfaces designed to provide powerful and flexible connectivity between analogue and digital components.

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Cubase LE back in the package with US-2x2 and US-4x4

24.10.17 -

Cubase LETascam’s US-2x2 and US-4x4 USB interfaces will be delivered again with a license for Cubase LE instead of Sonar and Ableton. Tascam hereby reacts to the worldwide desire of the users to revert to the Steinberg program, which is very popular among beginners. The relatively new US-1x2 interface and the longer available iXR also include Cubase LE as recording software.