Tascam SS250 Control

(Русская версия временно недоступна)

SS250 Control is a freely available dedicated control app for the SS-CDR250N/SS-R250N networkable recorders. It enables you to remotely control the transport functions, access menu settings and monitor recording and playback levels in realtime from your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.

SS250 Control allows you to operate the recorder from anywhere you can access your network, placing the unit where it fits best while you can move around freely. You can start and stop recording or playback, verifying levels and using marks or the time search to locate to different playback positions. Even special functions like pitch and key control can be easily set.

The app also informs you about the currently selected playback or recording modes and displays icons when files are being uploaded or downloaded by FTP. In addition, you can use the app to lock the buttons on the recorder's front to prevent operation from the unit itself when it is located in a public place, for instance.

SS250 Control is available at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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