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Tascam remporte l’Award « Best of ISE 2019 » pour ses nouveaux streamers vidéo.

21.03.19 –

Best of ISE 2019 AwardTascam has received the “Best of ISE 2019” award in the prestigious category of overall winners for its new VS-R264 and VS-R265 video streamers. The Best of ISE Award is presented each year by rAVe Publications, whose reporters tirelessly visit all exhibitors at Integrated System Europe and then hand-select the winners. The new devices, which enable simultaneous encoding, decoding, streaming and recording of audio and video material in HD and 4K respectively, have been rated by rAVe as among the best of the best and can be used almost anywhere in the AV sector.

Further details on these exiting new products will be announced by Tascam at the infocomm in Orlando in June.