One of the most versatile tools
for recording, mixing and production
since the invention of the Portastudio.


Tascam Model 12 – Home recording and multi-media production

Home recording and multimedia production

Tascam Model 12 is a mixer, multitack recorder, USB interface and DAW controller in one, making it more versatile than almost any other audio tool before. Link it to your DAW software, MIDI devices and other sound sources to produce sophisticated music tracks or radio plays, or add sound to movies and multimedia projects.

All input signals are also available at the built-in recorder and USB interface and can thus be recorded internally or with recording software on the connected computer. And when mixing, you can choose for each channel between the input jacks and the recorder or interface track.

Tascam Model 12 – Live performance with backing tracks

Live performance with backing tracks or playback of sound clips

Model 12 from Tascam allows solo entertainers or small artist groups to present music, cabaret or theatre live and combine it with recordings or sound clips from the built-in recorder.

You can add, for example, audio tracks previously recorded with Model 12 or tracks from other sources to your live performance. This allows you to even record parts during the performance that you can bring in the next moment as a playback or backing track.

Tascam Model 12 – Podcasting with live streaming to your fan base

Podcasting with live streaming

With its built-in USB interface and other features such as a Bluetooth receiver and up to ten input channels for microphones, instruments and other sources, the Model 12 is ideal for producing podcasts and streaming them live on the Internet.

For example, use the four-pin smartphone port with mix-minus to record a Skype session or other phone call live without annoying feedback.

Main features

Tascam Model 12

Model 12
Mixer / Interface / Recorder / Controller

  • Integrated production suite for music and multimedia creators
  • Built-in audio recorder for 12-track recording and 10-track playback
  • USB audio interface with 12 inputs and 10 outputs for use with DAW software on a computer
  • Simple DAW control support via HUI/MCU protocol emulation
  • MIDI in and out with MIDI timecode (MTC) and MIDI clock output with song position pointer (SPP) support
  • 16 built-in effects like reverb, delay, and more
  • Single-knob compressor and three-band equalizer with sweepable mids for all input channels
  • Dedicated click output with tap tempo feature
  • Bluetooth receiver and TRRS smartphone input with mix-minus feature
Tascam Model 12