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Music Radio Creative reviews the SS-R250N

Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative is presenting a nice introduction to our SS-R250N networkable recorder/player, which should not only be interesting for serious podcasters:

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New Professional-Grade 4K/UHD Blu-ray And Media Player

Building on the success of our popular BD-MP1, the BD-MP4K is a new professional-grade Blu-ray/media/network player for 4K/UHD resolution for fixed installations and touring. It accepts a broad range of media and file formats from discs (Blu-ray, DVD, CD), USB flash devices, SD cards or even network shares on a NAS or remote server through Gigabit Ethernet and provides ultra-high-definition image quality and up to 7.1 surround sound.

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Tascam DA-6400 Is the Star of “Greece’s Next Top Model“

TASCAM DA-6400Our 64-track DA-6400 audio recorder is used to record 32 audio tracks in the production of the reality series "Greece’s Next Top Model". Read full details in our case study. Read more | Product page »


The US-HR Series: New High-Resolution USB Audio Interfaces

TASCAM US-HR Series We are pleased to introduce to you a new series of high-resolution USB audio interfaces. The three models – US-1x2HR, US-2x2HR, and US-4x4HR – incorporate 24-bit audio resolution at sample rates up to 192 kHz, a very high signal-to-noise ratio, ultra-low latency with buffer sizes starting from four samples, Ultra-HDDA mic preamplifiers for superior sound quality, and a comprehensive suite of included software.

These interfaces are designed for ease of use and flexibility and a good choice for any demanding sound creator, from beginners in recording technology to project studio operators to podcast and webcast producers.

Read more (US-1x2HR)Read more (US-2x2HR)Read more (US-4x4HR)


Tascam EZ Connect Updated to Version 1.2.0

TASCAM Tascam EZ ConnectTascam EZ Connect, control software for end-users and intended to be used with our MX-8A Matrix Mixer as well as our Dante Processor Series, is now available for download in version 1.2.0. The user interface now offers the option of further restricting access for end-users and displaying only the level controls and mute buttons. The iOS version of the software also supports the latest iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.

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