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The heart of any great song is a great vocal sound. The Tascam TA-1VP combines the world-renowned Auto-Tune Pitch Correction and TEC-Award-winning Microphone Modeler technologies with state-of-the-art vocal processing modules to give you everything you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style.

Live or in the studio, the TA-1VP lets you instantly select from a large library of sounds. Factory presets are included for a wide variety of vocal styles and the interface makes it easy to create your own signature sounds. Given the power and flexibility of the processing modules, there is also a selection of presets for instrumental and percussion tracks available. And MIDI control in realtime makes the TA-1VP a perfect companion for automated mixing environments.

Główne cechy w skrócie

  • Auto-tune real-time pitch correction
    • EVO voice processing technology for enhanced tracking and correction capabilities
    • Correct the pitch of vocals (or solo instruments) in real time and without distortion or artifacts while preserving all of the expressive nuances of the original performance
  • Microphone modelling
    • Give your vocal tracks the characteristics of a variety of high-end studio mics
    • Adjust the proximity effect associated with mic distance
  • Analogue tube modelling
    • Give your vocals the warmth of a classic tube preamp
  • Variable knee compressor
    • Manipulate the dynamics with a state-of-the-art dynamics processor
    • Threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls
    • Continuously variable knee characteristic
  • Downward expanding gate
    • Use this gate with threshold and ratio controls to eliminate noise and breath sounds
    • Works independently of the compressor
  • Variable-frequency de-esser
    • Tame the sibilance of vocals to match any performance
    • Controls available: Threshold, ratio, attack and decay as well as a variable-frequency highpass
  • Flexible parametric 2-band EQ
    • Fine-tune your vocal sound with two independent bands of equalization
    • Select from 6 dB or 12 dB high or low cut, high or low shelving with variable slope, bandpass, notch and fully parametric peaking
  • Automatic mono or stereo double tracking
    • Automatically mix a doubled track into the units main output or route it to a separate output for post-processing and mixing
  • Programmable settings
    • Every parameter can be saved as a preset for instant recall
  • Factory presets for a wide variety of vocal styles
    • An extensive collection of factory presets for a variety of vocal styles is included as standard
  • MIDI control in realtime
    • Control every variable module parameter via MIDI continuous controllers for realtime automation
  • Really easy to use
    • Quickly find the parameter you want
    • Virtually every major function is only a single button press away

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