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Here’s the Right Microphone
For Your Personal Sound

A Tascam condenser or dynamic microphone gives you a very personal, distinctive sound in home recording, in a project studio or in personal internet broadcasting. The warm tone of our TM-250U and TM‑70 microphones, for example, makes lead-vocals, spoken word or acoustic instruments such as guitar or brass instruments a sound experience to remember.

High-quality components, easy handling and solid workmanship at a reasonable price – that’s what Tascam stands for since the very beginning.

Tascam TM-250U – Podcasting microphone with headphones connector

Produce programmes with your computer

TM-250U: USB microphone with headphones output

Connected directly to a PC, tablet or smartphone, this mic not only delivers the realistic, natural sound you want as a speaker in podcasts or livestreams. It also comes with a headphones jack, volume controls for both input and output audio, and a mute button – perfect for online seminars or video conferences.

Tascam TM-70 – Speech microphone for podcasting

Sound like a professional radio host

Impressive voice quality with the TM-70

It all starts with a good microphone. The TM-70 is specifically designed for use as a speech microphone and can give your voice the same sound you know from radio broadcasts or professional podcasters. With its very linear frequency response, it is also well suited for guitar or other acoustic instruments.

Tascam TM-80 – Condenser Microphone for Home Recording

Great Sound for Home Recording

The TM-80 provides high audio quality at a reasonable price

This condenser microphone is designed and priced for home recording. It features an 18-mm aluminum diaphragm with a cardioid pickup pattern that is suited for anything from vocals to acoustic instruments. Internal circuitry is optimized to reduce noise and distortion while retaining rich, full sound quality.

Tascam TM-82 – The Dynamic Mic for Daily Use

The Multi-Purpose Workhorse

A robust and reliable companion at your side: The TM-82

With its high-quality replication and easy, no-fuss handling without the need for phantom power, this dynamic mic is your perfect choice for speech, vocals or instruments – from the home studio to live events. The cardioid directional pattern reduces the risk of feedback and also creates a moderate proximity effect that can give vocals and other sound sources that extra warm “bottom”.

Tascam TM-200SG – Capture high-quality audio for high-resolution videos

This Shotgun Won’t Hurt

TM-200SG: A condenser microphone for video shooting

This highly directional condenser microphone is the videographer’s choice for recording audio in the field. It can be mounted on any camera with a hotshoe and picks up your subject’s voice in front of your camera while reducing noise from traffic, surf, echo and other distractions. A switchable low-cut filter helps to reduce low-frequency noise like wind or environmental hum. A removable windscreen is also included.

TM-80 Condenser Microphone

Better Stereo Sound for Your DSLR

Lift your videos to a higher level with the TM-2X

The TM-2X is a stereo X-Y pattern microphone for DSLR cameras – the ideal solution to combine high-quality audio with high-definition video. It allows you to utilize the same cardioid mics made popular on the DR-Series PCM recorders and record straight into your camera of choice. Both capsules can be rotated horizontally by 180 degrees and accept high sound pressure levels up to 125 dB SPL.

Tascam TM-90B – A boundary microphone for personal broadcasting, conferencing and more

Conferencing Made Easy

The TM-90BM captures many sound sources at once

This affordable boundary condenser microphone is designed for applications where multiple speakers or other sound sources are to be miked on an equal basis. It is ideally suited for personal broadcasting, reinforcement of conferences or stage plays or ambience miking, for instance, and has many advantages compared to using separate mics for each source.

Tascam TM-90GN – Gooseneck microphone

Talk to Your Audience!

The TM-95GN is a reliable speaker’s microphone

The TM-95GN is a gooseneck microphone for personal broadcasting, conferencing or other speech applications. It has a stable metal foot and can be easily aimed at the speaker thanks to the flexible elements in the upper and lower part of the gooseneck. A switch allows the mic to be turned off when not in use. The mic comes with a windscreen to avoid pop noise, and an XLR cable is also included.

Tascam TM-10L – Lavalier Microphone

Great Sound From a Tiny Mic

The TM-10L is a lapel microphone for broadcasting and filmmaking

This miniature clip-on or lavalier microphone is designed for use with wireless transmitters or mini recorders like the Tascam DR-10 series. It captures clear voice in applications such as theatre, television, lectures, public speaking and other situations where hands-free operation is required. The small, unobtrusive microphone can withstand high sound pressure levels and is available in black or white.

Tascam TM-AG1 – Pop filter for microphones

Stop The Pop!

Clean vocal recordings with the TM-AG1

The TM-AG1 is a pop filter that helps to achieve cleaner vocal recordings. It consists of a dual-layer nylon screen with side air vents that effectively reduces plosives and protects the microphone from saliva. With its gooseneck clamp, it can be easily attached to the mic stand and adjusted in a variety of positions. A must-have in every home recording studio.

Tascam TM-AR1 – Acoustic control filter

Dry, Drier, Driest

Get a clearer vocals signal with the TM-AR1

This acoustic control filter helps you to achieve a dry sound from your microphone for recording. It absorbs sound that would normally reflect in your room and come back to your mic while also preventing ambient noise from reaching the microphone’s rear and sides. The result is a much dryer and clearer sound that can be processed more easily. Two mounting bars for different mics are included.

Tascam TM-AM1 – Boom mic stand with counterweight, Tascam TM-AM2 – Scissor arm mic stand

Mic Stands

TM-AM1 and TM-AM2 – Where other solutions don’t fit

These two microphone stands can serve you well with heavy microphones or confined spaces. The TM-AM1 with its counterweight, for example, provides high stability even when used with heavier mics. Its telescopic boom can be adjusted in a wide range. The TM-AM2 scissor arm mic holder can be mounted to a table and adjusted in a flexible way.

Tascam TH-02 are stereo headphones for monitoring in a home recording studio or in the field

Affordable Headphones

The TH-02 fits all sizes and music styles

TH-02 are closed-back, stylish headphones that deliver a sound you have to hear to believe, and at a price you can’t ignore. The sensitivity and frequency response of the TH-02 lead to a clear balanced sound to fit all of your favorite tunes, regardless of genre or application. These high-powered headphones produce pristine highs, clear mid-range, and rich low end.

Tascam TH-06 are stereo monitoring headphones with extra powerful low range

More Bass to Your Ears!

The TH-06 is the choice for big bass

When you need comfortable, versatile headphones with excellent audio quality and smooth, extra deep lows, reach for the Tascam TH-06. DJs, producers and remixers can rely on these headphones for producing EDM, Hip Hop, Metal, R&B and other genres that need extra punch, and they’re an excellent choice for music enthusiasts who simply love deep low end.