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The new Model 16: 16-Track All-In-One Mixing Studio

18.09.19 -

Tascam Model 16The new Model 16 from Tascam takes live multi-track recording to an affordable new level, having the ease and feel of an analogue mixer but with the recording quality of a modern digital recorder. It integrates a 14-channel analogue mixing desk, 16-track internal digital recorder, multi-track USB audio interface, 16 editable effects and versatile routing and monitoring capabilities into an all-in-one unit and fits comfortably in a rehearsal studio, home studio or any production environment where recording quality is paramount and space is limited.
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New Eight-Channel Microphone Preamp With Dynamic Compression

17.07.19 -

Tascam SERIES 8p DynaThe SERIES 8p Dyna is our first stand-alone microphone preamp with multi-channel analogue and digtal outputs. Its two S/MUX optical ports make it a perfect expansion unit for our new audio interfaces. It can add up to eight analogue inputs (at up to 48 kHz, four inputs at 96 kHz) to a SERIES 102i, while the SERIES 208i (or a US-20x20) can be expanded by eight inputs at up to 96 kHz or four inputs at 192 kHz.
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Studioszene in Cologne: Tascam is there!

01.07.19 -

Visit Tascam at this year’s Studioszene in Cologne on 6 and 7 September and get to know our latest products. For the first time, the meeting will take place as an independent community event and is intended to bring together manufacturers and users in the field of audio recording, mixing and mastering. A total of 50 workshops and talks on the subject of music and audio production await you on an area of 3,000 square metres.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Studioszene Köln 2019

SERIES Interfaces: Now Shipping

28.06.19 -

Building on industry buzz surrounding its launch announcement earlier this year, we have begun shipping our SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i audio interfaces with a powerful suite of bundled third-party software that further enhances the appeal of these powerful new audio interfaces.Tascam SERIES 102i/208iSERIES 102i product page »SERIES 208i product page »

iZotope Neutron Elements Also Included With New Audio Interfaces

27.06.19 -

Tascam SERIES 102i/208iApart from other software, our new SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i USB audio interfaces are bundled also with a free full version of the new iZotope Neutron Elements mixing plug-in.

“Neutron Elements includes four powerful tools to craft great mixes”, says iZotope. Along with Steinberg Cubase LE / Cubasis LE for music production, AmpliTube for instrument recordings with guitar/bass modelling and colourful effects as well as T-Racks to create high-quality masterpieces, the new Tascam interfaces provide users with a comprehensive package for the entire spectrum of audio recording and processing.

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