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TASCAM Annouces The Multi-Track Live Recording Console of the New Era “Model 24”

28.08.18 -

Tascam Model 24TASCAM is reinventing its legacy, one of its classic lineups, infused with the latest audio technology; The brand new, beautiful multi-track live recording console, Model 24.
Whether for your rehearsals, live shows or production, Model 24 is the most ideal true multi-track recorder, mixer, and audio interface. The triple-function hybrid recording console has evolved to perfectly meet today’s music industry demands.
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TASCAM Announces New Brand Guideline Releasing A New Catchphrase And Brand Statement Video

21.08.18 -

TEAC Corporation (Tama, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yuji Hanabusa) will release a new catchphrase and brand statement video for TASCAM, which represents TEAC's professional audio equipment brand. In accordance with the events, TEAC Corporation is also announcing the renewal of TASCAM's official website.
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Clair Global Tours The World With Tascam

02.08.18 -

Clair Global and Tascam on tour with Billy JoelClair Global, the renowned production company from Pennsylvania, USA, uses the DA-6400 64-track recorder for live recordings and the SS-CDR250N media recorder for stereo archive copies of their live concert tours.

Read more about the advantages the company has identified in this article.

Firmware Version 2.00 For Tascam Mini Recorders Series

14.06.18 -

TASCAM DR Series Miniature Audio RecordersTascam have released a major firmware update to version 2.0 for their miniature audio recorders series. All four models, namely the DR-10C, DR-10L, DR-10X and DR-10SG, are now able to also record in MP3 format – at bit rates of 128 kbit/s or 192 kbit/s. This allows users to create recordings not only in professional BWF format but also in a space-saving format that is easier to use.

Another helpful addition is the possibility to choose between two level settings when creating dual-level recordings: Users can now decide whether the level of the secondary recording is reduced by 6 dB or 12 dB.

New MZ-Series Installation Mixers

24.05.18 -

TASCAM MZ-223TASCAM MZ-372Continuing our long legacy of high-quality professional mixers, we have now introduced the new MZ-223 and MZ-372. Both rack-mount analogue mixers offer flexible inputs, mixing, and routing that makes them well suited for installs in small to mid-size venues such as restaurants, hotels, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and schools, as well as residences …

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