Information on all current Tascam recording products

  • Tascam TH-06
  • Tascam BD-MP1
  • Tascam MZ-123BT
  • Tascam Model 16
  • Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna
  • Tascam VS-R265

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New: DR-10L now bundles iZotope RX7 Elements

30.10.19 –

Tascam DR-10L and iZotope RX7 ElementsThe DR-10L is now bundling with a free full version of RX7 Elements, iZotope’s groundbreaking audio repair and noise reduction tool. This combination brings a powerful recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges. Read more …

Compatibility with macOS Catalina

22.10.19 –

Tascam engineering team is working on the compatibility verification with the newest macOS Catalina by Apple.
Please check our compatibility list to find the latest results. Go to the list »

New Blu-Ray Player for Touring and Installation

21.10.19 –

TASCAM BD-MP1The new BD-MP1 is a robust, single-rackspace multi-media video player for professional applications like permanent installation in the contractor market and touring. Building on the success of the Tascam BD-01U, this high-definition playback device can be controlled via LAN, RS-232C and a wireless remote control and is …

Read more »

New Wall-Mount Controllers for the MX-8A Matrix Mixer

10.10.19 –

TASCAM RC-W100The RC-W100 is a wall-mountable programmable remote control for the Tascam MX-8A Matrix Mixer or other compatible products. Four switch buttons and one encoder with push-button function allow users to select between four or eight audio sources, adjust volume levels and mute sound in a permanently installed audio system. The easy-to-read, illuminated display provides information about the selected audio source and the current volume setting. Downloads page » | Product page »

Tascam Website Now Available in Polish Language

07.10.19 –

The Tascam Europe website is now also available in Polish. Starting with ten translated product pages, most other product information is supposed to be available in Polish one after another. A support request form for customers from Poland is also available and will be processed by Polsound, our Tascam distributor for Poland.