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DR-701D Field Recorder Now Supports HDMI Timecode With Nikon Cameras


With the newly released firmware version 2.10, the Tascam DR-701D six-track recorder is now able to exchange timecode information with Nikon cameras over the HDMI connection. This greatly simplifies the synchronisation of image and sound during post-production.
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Producer KC Porter’s Career Profoundly Influenced by Tascam Recording Gear

Producer, artist and sound engineer KC Porter has been influenced by Tascam since his childhood and has worked on many projects for well-known artists. He has remained loyal to the Tascam brand to this day.

Read how this came about and which devices have particularly convinced him.

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Tascam Model 12 One of the Best Products at This Price According to MusicRadar

MusicRadar, the popular website for musicians in the UK due to its reviews, has put the Tascam Model 12 to the test. Editor Jon Musgrave’s verdict: “It looks like a regular compact mixer, but Model 12 is packed with features and is one of the best units we’ve seen at this price”.

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The New TM-82: A Versatile Microphone for Speech, Vocals and Instruments


The TM-82 features a unidirectional cardioid pattern specifically suited for speech, vocals and acoustic instruments. Thanks to excellent reproduction quality over a frequency range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, it can be used equally well for recordings and live performances.

The cardioid pattern reduces the risk of feedback and also produces a moderate proximity effect that can give vocals and other sound sources a particularly warm “bottom”. Furthermore, the microphone is easy to handle as it does not require phantom power.

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TM-70: The New Dynamic Microphone for Broadcasting


The new TM-70 dynamic microphone is an outstanding choice for live broadcasts, podcasting, film dialogue and audio streaming. Thanks to its super-cardioid polar pattern, it suppresses ambient noise and is ideally tuned to the subtleties of the human voice.

The TM-70 comes with a suspension shock-mount to reduce low frequency rumble, a mic cable and, a table-top stand – everything needed to set up at one’s desktop and immediately start recording.

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