• Boom Microphone Stand With Counterweight | Tascam TM-AM3
  • Front view | Tascam TM-AM3
  • Front view | Tascam TM-AM3
  • Front view | Tascam TM-AM3

The TM-AM3 is a boom microphone stand with counterweight to provide high stability even when used with heavier mics. The counterweight can be adjusted according to the microphones weight. Unlike the similar TM-AM1, the TM-AM3 has a tripod design known from loudspeaker stands that provides high stability even in narrow spaces. The telescopic boom can be adjusted in a wide range, making it ideal for many applications including drums or vocal booths. The boom can also be removed when not required.

Easy to place with other stands
Boom in long position
Boom in short position

Features at a glance

  • Counterweight to provide high stability with heavier microphones
  • Tripod design known from loudspeaker stands
    • Provides high stability
    • Can be placed in narrow spaces together with other stands
  • 3/8" – 5/8" adapter screw included
  • Foldable design
  • Height (without boom): 1140–1620 mm
  • Total boom length: 580–900 mm

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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