Top Equipment for Successful Podcasts

Make Yourself the Star
of Your Own Radio Show!

Setting up a recording session for a podcast is easy with a computer. But you can only achieve the sound of the great and successful with the right equipment.

Tascam offers you a whole range of ways to sound like a professional radio host and use techniques that are usually only available in broadcast studios – from simple to luxurious, yet always very easy to use.

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Mixcast 4

Everything you need for a successful podcast.

Our new podcast station will spoil you with rich equipment for conversation rounds with up to four people and the possibility to add callers and online guests.

Play jingles and other sounds or effects, stream live, or record with the built-in recorder. With the associated Tascam Podcast Editor software, you can edit audio afterwards on your computer or iOS device, record sound effects and assign them to the 8×8 sound pads, and much more. Get started now with the new Mixcast 4.

Tascam TM-70 – Speech microphone for podcasting

Sound like a professional radio host

Impressive voice quality with the TM-70

It all starts with a good microphone. The TM-70 is specifically designed for use as a speech microphone and can give your voice the same sound you know from radio broadcasts or professional podcasters. With its very linear frequency response, it is also well suited for guitar or other acoustic instruments.

Tascam TM-250U – Podcasting microphone with headphones connector

Produce programmes easily with your computer

TM-250U: USB microphone with headphones output

Connected directly to a PC, tablet or smartphone, this mic not only delivers the realistic, natural sound you want as a speaker in podcasts or livestreams. It also comes with a headphones jack, volume control for both and a mute button - perfect for online seminars or video conferences.

Tascam US-42B – The podcast/vlogging station with many extras

Pimp your Podcast

MiNiSTUDIO US-42B with FX, jingles and many more possibilities

This versatile two-input interface is designed specifically for personal broadcasting and live streaming and comes with a lot of extras such as trigger buttons for sound effects or jingles, DSP processing (EQ, compressor, reverb), ducking (turns down the music when you speak), loopback, headset connection and much more. You can also connect one or two guitars directly.

Tascam US-4x4HR – Podcast production with up to four participants

For broadcasts with multiple participants

US-1x2HR, US-2x2HR and US-4x4HR

Tascam’s high-resolution audio interfaces are ideal for multiple speakers or directly connected instruments, have a loopback function for feeds from the computer and impress with a robust metal housing and clear, natural sound. Simply connect it via USB, select it as input/output in the computer and off you go. A suitable microphone is, for example, the TM-70 (see above).

Tascam Model 12 – A whole studio in the guise of a small mixing console

Perfectly happy with your own production studio

The pro variant with Model 12

Well, you can always have wishes. But this compact production studio contains a lot of finesse that can turn your podcast or your online presentation into a professional broadcast programme. Multitrack recorder, mixer, effects processor, two headphones outputs, Bluetooth … And when live streaming, you can even compensate for the annoying time lag between picture and sound.

DR-05X used as a microphone on a computer

If you want to keep it variable

DR-05X used as a microphone with audio interface

Our best-selling handheld recorder is not only ideal for great audio recordings on the go. You can also connect it to a computer or iOS device and use it as a great-sounding microphone and player with OBS or other streaming software. Best of all, you can also use its headphone output – it offers more than the standard connections of most computers.