Tested Media List (as of 2020-06-29)

The listed media were tested successfully with this model.

Over time, these specific media may become unavailable. At that time, it would be best to contact the CF/SD/USB media manufacturer directly and have them suggest the model with the most similar specifications that is currently available which remains within the maximum capacity limit.


SD Card

Manufacturer Model Part No. Capacity
Sony SDXC/SDHC UHS-II (SF-G Series) SF-G32T 32 GB
Toshiba SDHC/SDXC (SDBR48N Series) SDBR48N16G 16 GB
SDBR48N32G 32 GB


USB Flash

Manufacturer Model USB Part No. Capacity
Elecom MF-FCU3BK Series 3.0 MF-FCU3016GBK 16 GB
SanDisk Cruzer Spark 2.0 SDCZ61-016G-J57 16 GB
SDCZ61-032G-J57 32 GB
SDCZ61-064G-J57 64 GB
Extreme Go 3.1 SDCZ800-64G-J57 64 GB
Silicon Power Blaze B02 3.1 SP016GBUF3B02V1K 16 GB
SP032GBUF3B02V1K 32 GB
SP064GBUF3B02V1K 64 GB



Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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