Playback and recording devices for professional use - from Tascam.  Whether as playback devices in restaurants, hotels or conference centres, for recording live events or for background music in sports studios – here you will find robust and reliable devices with professional functions for permanent installation or tour operation.

Choose between cassette recorders, CD players, CD recorders and models that use SD cards and USB sticks as storage media for audio material. Some models allow you to receive music from your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, create a second recording as a backup, or upload to and retrieve audio from the network. Many models can be integrated in and controlled by media systems using RS-232C, parallel interface or Ethernet, for example. Professional XLR connectors for balanced lines ensure consistent sound quality even with longer cable distances. As simple music players, there are also inexpensive devices with RCA connections and fewer functions available.

Tascam 202MKVII

Dual cassette deck with USB output

Tascam CD-200

CD Player

Tascam CD-200BT

CD Player with Bluetooth receiver

Tascam CD-200SB

Solid-State/CD Player

Tascam CD-400UDAB

Media Player with Tuner and Bluetooth Receiver

Tascam CD-500B

Ultra-compact Professional CD Player

Tascam CD-6010

Professional CD Player

Tascam CD-A580

CD Player / Cassette Deck / USB Recorder

Tascam CD-RW900MKII

Professional Audio CD Recorder

Tascam CD-RW901MKII

Professional Audio CD Recorder

Tascam SD-20M

4-Track Recorder for Installation

Tascam SS-CDR250N

Networkable Solid-State/CD Audio Recorder

Tascam SS-R100

Solid State Audio Recorder

Tascam SS-R250N

Networkable Solid-State Audio Recorder