Audio-over-IP with Dante® converters from Tascam / Master clock generators for device synchronization in the studio With our practical, powerful Dante interfaces, you can set up a sound system over an IP network with simple LAN cables in very short time.

The Dante or AES67 network protocol is ideal for this because, unlike conventional data protocols, it causes very low latencies and therefore makes real-time capable applications possible in the first place. Our compact Dante modules provide two to 32 analogue audio inputs and outputs and can be powered via the network cable (PoE) or supplied via an AC adapter. Unlike simple Dante input and output modules, Tascam’s models include a powerful DSP processor. This provides a complete processing chain within the devices with routing mixer, equalizer, compressor/limiter and many other functions, making an additional mixer or other sound processors unnecessary. And control couldn't be easier: With our apps for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android, you can conveniently operate your sound system via tablet, smartphone or computer from a wide variety of locations.

Tascam CG Series clock generators ensure optimal synchronization of individual components in a network of digital audio devices. Instead of leaving the synching of the digital clock to individual devices or passing the clock signal from device to device, you can achieve higher quality A/D and D/A conversion and digital audio signal routing with a central clock supply. Master clock generators from Tascam are available in three distinct configurations for different applications, ranging from smaller recording studios to larger production studios and large radio and TV stations.

Tascam AE-4D

Four-Channel AES/EBU-Dante Converter

Tascam BO-16DX/IN

Breakout Box For 16 Balanced Audio Inputs

Tascam BO-16DX/OUT

Breakout Box For 16 Balanced Audio Outputs

Tascam BO-32DE

32-Channel Analogue Breakout Box

Tascam CG-1000/CG-1800/CG-2000

Master Clock Generators

Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D

16/32-Channel Analogue-Dante-Analogue Converter

Tascam ML-4D/OUT

Four-Channel Dante-Analogue Converter With DSP Mixer

Tascam MM-2D

Two-Channel Analogue-Dante-Analogue Converter With DSP Mixer

Tascam MM-4D/IN

Four-Channel Analogue-Dante Converter With DSP Mixer

Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna

8-Channel A/D Converter and Mic Preamp With Analogue Compressor