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Turn Your Sonicview Into a Powerful Recording Console
With Multi-Track Recording Technology Straight From the People Who Made It All Happen

For more than 50 years, Tascam has been renowned for its multi-track recording technology. Legendary for their combination of solid reliability and outstanding audio quality, Tascam recorders have been at the heart of countless recording studios and field recording systems around the world.

The latest addition to this tradition, the IF-MTR32 multitrack recording card, turns a Tascam Sonicview 16 or Sonicview 24 digital mixer into a powerful recording console for broadcast, production and recording studios, live/relay broadcast and recording, a wide variety of fixed installation applications, as well as the recording of bands and live events.

High-definition multi-track recording – added with a simple extension card

With the addition of the optional IF-MTR32 card, your Tascam Sonicview becomes a mixing and multi-track recording console capable of recording up to 32 tracks at 48 kHz or up to 16 tracks at 96 kHz directly to an SDXC card – all with the same 32-bit precision used in Sonicview mixers.

By the way, you can work with 32 tracks at 48 kHz or 16 tracks at 96 kHz, regardless of the Sonicview’s sync clock.

All the features pros need

More than just an audio capture device, the IF-MTR32 provides the critical recording features that professionals need. The recorder allows simultaneous punch-in/punch-out across 32 tracks, allowing you to overwrite parts of a recording with overdubs. Pre-record and auto-record are available, and you can also place markers wherever you like to quickly access locations for later editing.

The integrity of your recordings is always paramount. That’s why the IF-MTR32 automatically saves and closes files every 60 seconds during recording to prevent data loss. Just let the recorder do its job and concentrate on mixing!

Integrated with Tascam Sonicview for easy control

The IF-MTR32 is tightly integrated with the host Sonicview mixer, making it easy to manage the recording process while mixing an event or session.

All operations are easy to perform. For example, transport and other functions can be assigned to the Sonicview's colour touch screen or user keys. The Sonicview’s GPIO ports and footswitch jack can be used to operate the unit from an external control device.

Work with standard file formats

Transferring tracks and mixes between an IF-MTR32 card and your favourite DAW is easy with support for Broadcast Wave (BWF) file import and export.

BWF is an advanced version of the popular WAV format. It contains timecode information and other metadata and is used in audio, film, radio and television production.

Features at a glance

  • Optional expansion card to add a 32-track audio recorder to a Sonicview 24 or Sonicview 16 mixing console
  • Simultaneous recording/playback of up to 32 audio tracks (48 kHz) or 16 audio tracks (96 kHz)
  • Recording medium: SDHC, SDXC (up to 512 GB)
  • File format: BWF
  • Supported bit depths up to 32 bit
  • Auto Routing to simplify channel/track assignments
  • Virtual Soundcheck mode
  • Punch in/out (overdub) with up to 32 tracks (automatic with rehearsal, or manual)
  • Pre-Record (up to two seconds)
  • Auto-Record (recording begins/ends depending on input level)
  • Marks (saved with BWF audio file)
  • Repeat (take, project, I-O)
  • Import tracks from DAWs or other IF-MTR32 (BWF format)
  • Automatically saves and closes files every 60 seconds to prevent data loss
  • Instant sound output after starting playback (≤100 ms)
  • Fully controllable by Tascam Sonicview including GPIO, footswitch and User keys


Multi-track recorder
Max simultaneous recording/playback tracks 32 (48 kHz), 16 (96 kHz)
(simultaneous punch-in/out with all available tracks)
Undo/Redo 1 step
Record functions Pre-recording (2 seconds), Auto-recording, Marks
File protection Auto-saving every 60 seconds
Sampling rate 48 kHz, 96 kHz
Bit depth (recording) 24 bit, 32 bit
Bit depth (playback) 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit
SD card
Type SDHC, SDXC (UHS I or higher)
Capacity up to 512 GB
Dimension (W × H × D) 107 mm × 34 mm × 157 mm
Weight 0.13 kg
Included times IF MTR32, TASCAM ID registration guide, Owner's Manual with warranty

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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