Microphones and accessories for recording and miking – suitable for your home recording or project studio or your installation. Tascam offers a variety of microphones for different purposes. Whether you are looking for a rugged, good sounding dynamic microphone for stage or condenser mic for broadcasting and recording, a practical boundary microphone for a conference room, an adjustable gooseneck mic for a lectern or unobtrusive clip-on lavalier microphones – the models shown here have a good price/performance ratio and are as reliable as you would expect from Tascam.

Tascam TM-10L

Lavalier Microphone With Screw-Lock Connector

Tascam TM-200SG

Shotgun Condenser Microphone for Video Shooting

Tascam TM-250U

USB Broadcasting Microphone With Headphones Output

Tascam TM-70

Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting and News Gathering

Tascam TM-80

Condenser microphone

Tascam TM-82

Dynamic Microphone for Vocals and Instruments

Tascam TM-90BM

Boundary Condenser Microphone

Tascam TM-95GN

Gooseneck Condenser Microphone

Tascam TM-AG1

Microphone pop filter

Tascam TM-AM1

Boom Microphone Stand With Counterweight

Tascam TM-AM2

Scissor Arm Microphone Stand

Tascam TM-AR1

Acoustic control filter


Microphone set for drums