13 January 2021

Tascam Introduce the Versatile TM-82 Microphone for Speech, Vocals and Instruments

Tascam announce the debut of a further dynamic microphone: The TM-82 features a unidirectional cardioid pattern specifically suited for speech, vocals and acoustic instruments.

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13 January 2021

Tascam Announce the TM-70 Dynamic Microphone for Broadcasting

Tascam introduce the TM-70, a dynamic microphone that is said to be an outstanding choice for live broadcasts, podcasting, film dialogue and audio streaming.

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07 January 2021

Tascam Video Streamers Can Now Transfer Three RTMP Streams Simultaneously

Tascam have released a firmware update for their VS-R series video streamers/recorders which increases the number of concurrent RTMP streams from one to three. This means users can now stream simultaneously to up to three online video platforms that use the RTMP or RTMPS protocol, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo, Boxcast, DaCast and many others. RTMP can also be used to stream to education platforms such as Planet eStream and Panopto. With multiple RTMP streams available, VS-R264 and VS-R265 can now send one stream to the main server URL and send a second stream to a different URL for a backup, something that many online platforms provide for extra resilience.

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15 December 2020

Tascam Model 12 Now With a Feature for Better Live Streaming

Tascam have announced the addition of an adjustable output delay to their compact Model 12 live recording mixer. This new feature allows to compensate for the annoying time offset between video image and sound signal, which often occurs during live streaming to the Internet. The user selects a suitable time at the mixing console, by which the audio signal is delayed before reaching the computer via USB, so that image and sound arrive at the audience synchronously.

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11 November 2020

Tascam Expand Their Installation Line With a Professional-Grade 4K/UHD Blu-ray Player

Building on the success of their popular BD-MP1, Tascam introduce a new professional-grade Blu-ray/media/network player for 4K/UHD resolution. The BD-MP4K is the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial installations and touring applications requiring ultra high definition image quality and up to 7.1 surround sound.

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02 November 2020

Tascam Debut Their US-HR Series of High-Resolution USB Audio Interfaces

Tascam introduce a new series of high-resolution USB audio interfaces. The three models – US-1x2HR, US-2x2HR, and US-4x4HR – incorporate 24-bit audio resolution at sample rates up to 192 kHz, a very high signal-to-noise ratio, ultra-low latency with buffer sizes starting from four samples, Ultra-HDDA mic preamplifiers for superior sound quality, and a comprehensive suite of included software. According to Tascam, these interfaces, designed for ease of use and flexibility, are a good choice for any demanding sound creator, from beginners in recording technology to project studio operators to podcast and webcast producers.

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30 June 2020

Tascam Adds a Vamp Playback Function to Their Latest Live Recording Mixer Model 12

In music, "vamping" means the repetition of certain phrases or improvisation over a repeated phrase. With the built-in recorder in the Tascam Model 12, you can now mark up to ten such phrases per song, which can then be played repeatedly during playback.

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19 February 2020

Greatly Improved Windows Drivers for a Number of Tascam Audio Interfaces

Tascam have developed new version 4.0 Windows drivers for six of their USB audio interfaces, enabling users to make full use of the processing power of modern computers and build music production environments with ultra-low latency.

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16 January 2020

Tascam Announces Compact Integrated Production Suite for Audio and Multimedia Creators

Model 12 is a new member of Tascam’s highly acclaimed series of integrated mixing/recording/production devices designed for music or multimedia production, remix/EDM creation, songwriting, and live performances. Featuring a 10-input analogue mixer, 12-track digital audio recorder, MIDI connectivity, USB audio interface, and DAW control functions in a compact and affordable package, Model 12 is a very flexible all-in-one solution not only for basic recording and mixing: Solo artists can play along with tracks or beats live, podcasters make use of the smartphone input with mix-minus feature when they stream interviews or music creations to their fan base, and musicians or multimedia producers can use the audio interface simultaneously with the multi-track recorder, click output and MIDI equipment to create perfectly synchronised arrangements of multiple sound sources.

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01 November 2019

Tascam Bass XL Headphones Now Available Worldwide

After the great success in the USA, Tascam now also delivers its TH-06 Bass XL monitoring headphones to other countries in the world.

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