Tascam AK-DR11

Accessory package for DR-series handheld recorders

Tascam AK-DR70C

Accessory package for DR-701D and DR-70D

Tascam BP-6AA

Battery pack

Tascam DA-6400 Control for iPad

Remote App to monitor and control the Tascam DA-6400/DA-6400dp

Tascam DR Control

Remote app for DR-series recorders

Tascam IF-E100

Ethernet Control Card for CD-400UDAB

Tascam PS-P520E

5-Volt AC Adapter

Tascam RC-10

Wireless/wired remote control

Tascam RC-1F


Tascam RC-20

Direct play remote control

Tascam RC-3F


Tascam RC-900

Remote control unit

Tascam RC-F82

Fader and control unit for HS-P82

Tascam RC-HS20PD

Flash Start Remote Control for HS-20/HS-8

Tascam RC-HS32PD

Flash Start Remote Control for HS series

Tascam RC-SS150

Wired Remote Control for SS-CDR250N/SS-R250N

Tascam RC-SS20

Flash Start Remote Control

Tascam SS250 Control

Remote App for SS-CDR250N/SS-R250N

Tascam WS-11

Windscreen for DR series recorders