Video playback, recording, and streaming without a computer. Here you will find standalone devices for recording, playback and streaming of video material in professional and semi-professional environments.

The BD-MP4K Blu-ray player from Tascam, for example, plays a wide range of file formats from discs or SD cards at high video resolution and is suitable for touring or fixed installations as well as for the theatre or use in shops or event locations. Or, go one step further with the VS-R series: These compact, rugged devices for professional audio/video streaming in 4K/UHD and Full HD (“AV over IP“) can transmit live images and sound of the highest quality over a standard Ethernet network – be it to another room, to another continent or directly to the public Internet.

Are you looking for a way to stream live or upload to Youtube, Facebook or other content providers? A Tascam video streamer/recorder can also record a live stream. Such video recordings can be automatically uploaded via FTP to a network storage or the cloud or edited later.

Tascam BD-MP1

Professional Blu-Ray Player for Touring and Installation

Tascam BD-MP4K

Professional 4K/UHD Blu-Ray/Multimedia Player for Touring and Installation

Tascam VS-R264

Full HD Video Streamer/Recorder

Tascam VS-R265

4K/UHD Video Streamer/Recorder