Tascam mixers and mixing consoles – for installation, home studio and live operation. A mixer allows you to combine individual audio signals of a live event or a recording (audio tracks) to a master signal to feed a power amplifier for sound reinforcement or a stereo recorder for an audio recording.

There are installation devices with few channels that are permanently installed in a city hall or a conference hall, for example. Such compact, professional mixers often have several outputs, so-called zone outputs, to supply several rooms with different signals. In addition, they are designed to process as many different source types as possible without distortion or feedback.

A mixing console for musicians and other artists (e.g. in the theatre), on the other hand, differs in its design. It usually offers significantly more input channels as well as more and better adjustment options such as parametric equalization and effects. Such a mixing console, which is used on stage, in the rehearsal room or in the home recording studio, mainly processes sources such as microphones and instruments, in addition to feeders such as CD players, MP3 players or smartphones. When mixing, artistic handwork is desired; automatic level control and other comfort functions that enable semi-automatic operation are reserved for rack-mount mixers for gyms, hotel lobbies and other event rooms. Mix and record at the same time? Using the Tascam Model series you can do both at the same time. With the built-in multitrack recorder, you can record any live event and mix it later whenever you want to create a delicate stereo track or an entire album.

Tascam LM-8ST

Eight-Channel Stereo Line Mixer

Tascam Model 12

Mixer / Interface /  Recorder / Controller

Tascam Model 16

14-Channel Analogue Mixer With 16-Track Digital Recorder

Tascam Model 24

22-Channel Analogue Mixer With 24-Track Digital Recorder

Tascam MX-8A

Eight-Channel Matrix Mixer With DSP Processor

Tascam MZ-123BT

Compact Multi-Zone Audio Mixer with Bluetooth

Tascam MZ-223

3-Zone Installation Mixer

Tascam MZ-372

Installation Mixer