Master your audio recordings with a professional stereo mastering recorder from Tascam. Mastering is the last and most important step in audio production. Here you will find a professional, maintenance-free master recorder which allows you to record your stereo mix in high-resolution PCM or DSD format on CompactFlash or SD cards.

Such a recording is also known as a premaster because it is used to create the actual master (glass master for CDs, lacquer/metal master for vinyl records) before the (mechanical) audio carrier is produced. This makes it clear that for such master recordings or premasters only extremely high-quality, low-noise and low-distortion recording devices with a wide frequency range and excellent channel separation are suitable. For mastering, i.e. post-processing vocal tracks, Tascam also offers a professional, studio-quality vocal processor.

Tascam DA-3000

High-definition audio recorder / AD/DA converter

Tascam Hi-Res Editor

High-resolution DSD/PCM audio editor

Tascam TA-1VP

Vocal Processor (powered by Antares)