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Manuals and specifications

  Date Language Size
Owner’s Manual
Revision G
23.07.2015 en 2,1 MB

  Date Language Size
Product information
25.03.2020 en 130 KB
RS-232C Protocol Specification
03.03.2013 en 233 KB

  Date Language Size
v1.30 Release Notes
06.04.2020 en 8 KB
Firmware v1.30
The analogue output level can now be adjusted
06.04.2020 en 150 KB
v1.21 Release Notes
28.03.2018 en 51 KB
Firmware v1.21
28.03.2018 en 145 KB
Release Notes for v1.20 / T.0F
15.07.2016 en 7 KB
Unit firmware v1.20
15.07.2016 en 145 KB
Drive firmware vT.0F
Use only with main unit firmware v1.18 or higher!
31.05.2016 en 858 KB
Firmware update how-to
31.05.2016 en 81 KB
Unit firmware v1.18
Only required if current drive firmware is 1.0A.
21.07.2015 en 145 KB

  Date Language Size
CD-500 DXF file
04.12.2014 en 592 KB