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Dante Compact Processor Series

05.02.19 –

TASCAM Compact Processor SeriesTascam introduces a new series of compact, half-rack size audio converters for Dante/AES67 networks. The four models easily add additional mic/line or AES/EBU inputs/outputs to Dante audio networks in public facilities, broadcasting stations, recording studios or upmarket domestic environment and can be freely combined.

A key advantage of the product range is the DSP processor built into each unit. By providing not only mixing functions and EQ but also dynamic processing, automatic level control, auto-ducking, routing and noise compensation, even small systems can fully perform without additional signal processing or mixing devices. From the input of microphone signals to the output of powered speakers or recording devices, the Dante Compact Processor Series can build up a complete small system on their own.

MM-2D | MM-4D/IN | ML-4D/OUT | AE-4D