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The RC-W100 is a wall-mountable programmable remote control for the Tascam MX-8A Matrix Mixer or other compatible products. Four switch buttons and one encoder with push-button function allow users to select between four or eight audio sources, adjust volume levels and mute sound in a permanently installed audio system. The easy-to-read, illuminated display provides information about the selected audio source and the current volume setting.

Up to eight controllers can be used with one mixer by daisy-chaining the units via an RS-485 connection with a cable length of up to 200 meters. End-users can be prevented from making mistakes by assigning only necessary functions to the encoder and switches using Tascam MX Connect.

The RC-W100 extends the comfort of any sound reinforcement system where the MX-8A matrix mixer is at the centre.


Features at a glance

  • Wall-mounted programmable controller for MX-8A and other compatible Tascam products
  • Encoder (with push switch) and four switches for adjusting volume, muting and switching audio sources
  • Functions can be assigned to the encoder and the switches using Tascam MX Connect
  • Prevents end-users from making mistakes by assigning only necessary functions to the controller
  • Two source switching modes available:
    • 1: Sources can be selected directly by pushing switches (up to four sources can be assigned)
    • 2: Sources can be selected from a screen (up to eight sources can be assigned)
  • Easy-to-read display
    • Name of the selected source and current volume can be checked
    • Backlight turns off automatically
  • Daisy chaining of up to eight units is possible using Cat 5e cables (or better, maximum length 200 m)
  • Power can be supplied to the unit from the mixer via the RS-485 connection, reducing power construction and installation costs
  • Two different product variants available:
    • RC-W100-R120 is compatible with switch boxes commonly used mainly in the USA and Japan
    • RC-W100-R86 is compatible with switch boxes commonly used mainly in Europe
  • Connectors: Two RJ-45 (RS-485) connectors
  • Power consumption: 0.24 W
  • Overall dimensions (W × H × D):
    • RC-W100-R120: 70 mm × 114 mm × 54 mm
    • RC-W100-R86: 87 mm × 87 mm × 54 mm
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Permissible operating temperature range: 0–40 °C

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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