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102 MKII Stereo Cassette Recorder
112MKII Stereo Cassette Recorder
112RMKII Stereo Cassette Recorder
122MKIII Stereo Cassette Recorder
130 Stereo Cassette Recorder
202 MKIII Dual Well Cassette Deck
202MKIV Dual Well Cassette Deck
202MKV Dual Well Cassette Deck
202MKVI Dual-well cassette deck
202MKVII Dual cassette deck with USB output
2488 Digital Portastudio
2488MKII Digital Portastudio
2488neo Digital Portastudio
302 Dual Well Cassette Deck
302MKII Dual Well Cassette Deck
322 Dual Well Cassette Deck
414MKII Portastudio
424MKIII Portastudio
788 24-bit Digital Portastudio
AE-4D Four-Channel AES/EBU-Dante Converter
AK-CC25 SSD storage case for DA-6400 series
AK-DC16 Dust Cover for Model 16
AK-DC24 Dust Cover for Model 24
AK-DR11 Accessory package for DR-series handheld recorders
AK-DR70C Accessory package for DR-701D and DR-70D
AK-RM16 Rack Mount Kit for Model 16
AK-RS1 Rackmount shelf for two units to be mounted side by side
AV-452 Presentation Mixer/Amplifier
BB-1000CD Portable CD/SD Recorder
BB-800 Portable SD Card Recorder
BD-01U Blu-Ray Player for Installations
BD-MP1 Professional Blu-Ray Player for Touring and Installation
BD-MP4K Professional 4K/UHD Blu-Ray/Multimedia Player for Touring and Installation
BO-16DX/IN Breakout Box For 16 Balanced Audio Inputs
BO-16DX/OUT Breakout Box For 16 Balanced Audio Outputs
BO-32DE 32-Channel Analogue Breakout Box
BP-6AA Battery pack
CC-222 CD Recorder/Cassette Deck
CC-222MKII CD Recorder/Cassette Deck
CC-222MKIII Cassette Deck/CD Recorder with MP3 Playback
CC-222MKIV Cassette Deck/CD Recorder with MP3 Playback
CC-222SL Cassette Deck/CD Recorder with MP3 Playback
CC-222SL MKII Cassette Deck/CD Recorder with MP3 Playback
CD-01U Ultra-compact CD Player
CD-01U Pro Ultra-compact CD Player
CD-160 CD Player
CD-160MKII CD Player
CD-200 CD Player
CD-200BT CD Player with Bluetooth receiver
CD-200iB CD Player with iPod dock
CD-200iL CD Player with iPod dock
CD-200SB Solid-State/CD Player
CD-240 Network/CD player
CD-302 DJ Dual CD Player
CD-355 5-Disc CD Changer
CD-400UDAB Media Player with Tuner and Bluetooth Receiver
CD-450 CD Player
CD-500 Ultra-compact CD Player
CD-500B Ultra-compact Professional CD Player
CD-601 Broadcast CD Player
CD-6010 Professional CD Player
CD-601MKII Broadcast CD Player
CD-9010/CD-9010CF Broadcast CD Players
CD-A500 Integrated CD Player / Reversible Cassette Deck
CD-A550/CD-A750 CD Player / Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck
CD-A580 CD Player / Cassette Deck / USB Recorder
CD-A630 3-Disc CD Player/Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck
CD-A700 CD Player/Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck
CD-BT1 CD Bass Trainer
CD-BT1MKII CD Bass Trainer
CD-BT2 Portable CD Bass Trainer
CD-D1x4 Professional CD Duplicator
CD-D4000MKII CD Duplicator
CD-DJ1 Professional DJ Tabletop CD/MP3 Player
CD-GT1 CD Guitar Trainer
CD-GT1MKII Portable CD Guitar Trainer
CD-GT2 Portable CD Guitar Trainer
CD-P1260MKII Affordable, High-Performance CD Player With MP3/WMA Playback
CD-RW2000 Professional CD Recorder
CD-RW402 V3 CD Player/Recorder/Duplicator
CD-RW4U CD Rewritable Recorder with USB interface
CD-RW5000 Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW700 CD Recorder
CD-RW750 CD Recorder
CD-RW900 Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW900MKII Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW900SL Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW901 Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW901MKII Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-RW901SL Professional Audio CD Recorder
CD-VT1 CD Vocal Trainer
CD-VT1MKII Portable CD Vocal and Instrument Trainer
CD-VT2 Portable CD Instrument/Vocal Trainer
CD-X1500 DJ Dual CD Player
CD-X1700 DJ Dual CD Player
CG-1000/CG-1800/CG-2000 Master Clock Generators
CS-MODEL12 Carrying Bag for Model 12
DA-3000 High-definition audio recorder / AD/DA converter
DA-302 Dual DAT Recorder
DA-40 DAT Recorder
DA-45HR High Resolution Stereo DAT Recorder
DA-60MKII Synchronizable DAT Recorder
DA-6400 64-track Audio Recorder
DA-6400 Control for iPad Remote App to monitor and control the Tascam DA-6400/DA-6400dp
DA-78HR 24-bit Digital Multitrack Recorder
DA-98 Professional Digital Multitrack Recorder
DA-98HR Professional 24-bit Digital Multitrack Recorder
DA-P1 Portable DAT Recorder
DM-24 Digital Mixing Console
DM-3200 Digital Mixing Console
DM-4800 Digital Mixing Console
DP-004 4-Track Digital Pocketstudio
DP-006 6-Track Digital Pocketstudio
DP-008 8-Track Digital Portastudio
DP-008EX 8-Track Digital Portastudio
DP-01/DP-01FX 8-track Digital Portastudio®
DP-02 Digital Portastudio
DP-02CF Digital Portastudio
DP-03 8-track digital Portastudio
DP-03SD 8-track Digital Portastudio
DP-24 Digital Portastudio
DP-24SD 24-Track Digital Portastudio
DP-32 32-Track Digital Portastudio
DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio
DR Control Remote app for DR-series recorders
DR-05 Linear PCM/MP3 Recorder
DR-05X Stereo Handheld Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface
DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder
DR-07MKII Linear PCM/MP3 recorder
DR-07X Stereo Handheld Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface
DR-08 Linear PCM/MP3 Recorder
DR-1 Portable Stereo Recorder
DR-100 Portable Stereo Recorder
DR-100MKII Portable linear PCM Stereo Recorder
DR-100MKIII Professional Handheld Recorder
DR-10C Recorders for lavalier microphones
DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder With Lavalier Microphone
DR-10SG Camera-mountable audio recorder with shotgun microphone
DR-10X Mic-attachable audio recorder
DR-22WL Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi functionality
DR-2d Portable Linear PCM Recorder
DR-40 Handheld Linear PCM/MP3 Recorder
DR-40X Portable Four-Track Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface
DR-44WL 4-track handheld recorder with Wi-Fi functionality
DR-44WLB 4-track handheld recorder with Wi-Fi functionality
DR-60D Portable linear PCM Stereo Recorder
DR-60DMKII 4-Track Audio Recorder for DSLR Cameras
DR-680 Portable Multi-Track Recorder
DR-680MKII 8-Track Field Recorder
DR-701D Six-channel audio recorder for DSLR cameras
DR-70D 4-channel audio recorder for DSLR cameras
DR-V1HD Linear PCM / HD Video Recorder
DS-D98 DSD Multitrack Recorder
DS-M7.1 Digital Surround Monitoring Controller
DV-D01U Professional DVD Player
DV-RA1000 High-Definition Audio/DSD Master Recorder
DV-RA1000HD High-Definition Audio/DSD Master Recorder
FireOne DAW Controller with Audio/MIDI Interface
FW-1082 Firewire Audio/MIDI Interface and Control Surface
FW-1804 Firewire Audio/MIDI Interface
FW-1884 Professional Control Surface / FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface
GA-100CD 100-Watt Guitar Amp / CD Phrase Trainer Combo
GA-30CD 30-Watt Guitar Amp / CD Phrase Trainer Combo
GB-10 Trainer/Recorder for Guitar and Bass
GT-R1 Portable Guitar/Bass Recorder
HD-P2 Portable High-Definition Stereo Recorder
HD-R1 Solid-State Audio Recorder
Hi-Res Editor High-resolution DSD/PCM audio editor
HS-2 Stereo Audio Recorder
HS-20 Professional Stereo Audio Recorder
HS-2000 Stereo Audio Recorder
HS-4000 4-Track Audio Recorder
HS-8 8-Track Audio Recorder/Player
HS-P82 Professional Multi-Track Field Recorder
IF-AE16 16-channel AES/EBU interface card
IF-AE8HR 24-bit TDIF-1 and AES/EBU Interface
IF-AN16/OUT 16-channel analogue output card
IF-AV/DM Aviom® Interface Card for DM-3200/DM-4800
IF-CB/DM CobraNet® Interface Card for DM-3200/DM-4800
IF-DA2 2-Channel Dante Network Interface Card
IF-DA64 64-channel Dante/AES67 interface card
IF-DA8 TDIF-1 to Analogue Format Converter
IF-E100 Ethernet Control Card for CD-400UDAB
IF-FW/DM FireWire Expansion Card for Tascam Digital Mixers
IF-FW/DM MKII FireWire Expansion Card for Tascam Digital Mixers
IF-MA64/BN 64-channel MADI coaxial interface card
IF-MA64/EX 64-channel redundant (in/out/thru) MADI optical/coaxial interface card
IF-SM/DM Surround Monitoring Card
IF-TAD TDIF/ADAT Format Converter
iHA2 Headphones amplifier for iOS devices
iM2 Stereo Condenser Microphone for dock connection
iM2X XY Stereo Microphone for iOS devices
iU2 Audio/MIDI interface for iPad, iPhone, iPod
iUR2 USB Audio/MIDI interface
iXJ2 Mic/Line preamp for iOS devices
iXR A music studio that fits in a bag
iXZ Mic/Guitar Interface for iPad/iPhone/iPod
LA-40MKII Line Amplifier (RCA/XLR bi-directional)
LA-40MKIII Line converter (balanced/unbalanced, bi-directional)
LA-80 8-channel Line Amplifier RCA/XLR
LA-80MKII/LA-81MKII Line converters (unbalanced/balanced)
LA-81 8-channel Line Amplifier XLR/RCA
LM-8ST Eight-Channel Stereo Line Mixer
LR-10 Trainer/Recorder for instruments and vocals
M-164UF 16-Channel Analogue Mixers
M-5000 Audio Mixer
MA-8 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier
MA-AD8 A/D Converter (Mic, Line / TDIF)
MD-02/MD-02B MiniDisc Deck
MD-301MKII MiniDisc Recorder/Player/Editor
MD-350 MiniDisc Recorder/Player/Editor
MD-801MKII Professional MiniDisc Recorder/Player/Editor
MD-801PMKII Professional MiniDisc Player/Editor
MD-CD1 Professional CD Player / MiniDisc Recorder
MD-CD1MKII Professional CD Player / MiniDisc® Recorder
MD-CD1MKIII Professional CD Player / MiniDisc® Recorder
MF-P01 4-track Portastudio
MH-40MKII Multi-Headphone Amplifier
MH-8 Eightfold Headphones Amplifier
MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42 Audio interface for personal broadcasting
MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B Audio Interface for Personal Broadcasting
MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 Audio interface for personal broadcasting
ML-16D/ML-32D 16/32-Channel Analogue-Dante-Analogue Converter
ML-4D/OUT Four-Channel Dante-Analogue Converter With DSP Mixer
MM-2D Two-Channel Analogue-Dante-Analogue Converter With DSP Mixer
MM-4D/IN Four-Channel Analogue-Dante Converter With DSP Mixer
MMP-16 Digital Audio Dubber
MMR-8 Digital Audio Dubber
Model 12 Mixer / Interface /  Recorder / Controller
Model 16 14-Channel Analogue Mixer With 16-Track Digital Recorder
Model 24 22-Channel Analogue Mixer With 24-Track Digital Recorder
MP-BT1 Portable MP3 Bass Trainer
MP-GT1 Portable MP3 Guitar Trainer
MP-VT1 Portable MP3 Music and Voice Trainer
MX-2424 24-bit, 24-track Digital Audio Recorder
MX-4 4-Channel Microphone Preamplifier
MX-8A Eight-Channel Matrix Mixer With DSP Processor
MZ-123BT Compact Multi-Zone Audio Mixer with Bluetooth
MZ-223 3-Zone Installation Mixer
MZ-372 Installation Mixer
PA-R100 Network AV Surround Receiver
PA-R200 Network AV Surround Receiver
PCI-822 TDIF/MIDI Interface Card (PC/Mac)
Pocketstudio 5 4-Track Digital Pocketstudio
Porta-02MKII Portastudio
Portastudio Four-track home recording app for iPad
PS-P1220E 12-Volt AC Adapter
PS-P520E 5-Volt AC Adapter
PS-P520U 5-Volt AC Adapter
PT-7 Intonation Trainer / Tuner
RC-10 Wireless/wired remote control
RC-1F Footswitch
RC-20 Direct play remote control
RC-2424 MX Remote Controller
RC-3F Footswitch
RC-808 DTRS Wired Remote Controller
RC-828 DTRS Remote Controller
RC-898 DTRS Remote Controller
RC-900 Remote control unit
RC-F82 Fader and control unit for HS-P82
RC-HS20PD Flash Start Remote Control for HS-20/HS-8
RC-HS32PD Flash Start Remote Control for HS series
RC-SS150 Wired Remote Control for SS-CDR250N/SS-R250N
RC-SS20 Flash Start Remote Control
RC-W100 Wall-Mounted Programmable Controller
SD-01U 5.1 Surround Decoder
SD-20M 4-Track Recorder for Installation
SERIES 102i USB Audio/MIDI Interface With DSP Mixer (10 in, 4 out)
SERIES 208i USB Audio/MIDI Interface With DSP Mixer (20 in, 8 out)
SERIES 8p Dyna 8-Channel Mic Preamp With Analogue Compressor
SS-CDR200 Solid State / CD Audio Recorder
SS-CDR250N Networkable Solid-State/CD Audio Recorder
SS-R05 Solid State Audio Recorder
SS-R1/SS-CDR1 Solid State/CD-RW Audio Recorders
SS-R100 Solid State Audio Recorder
SS-R200 Solid State Audio Recorder
SS-R250N Networkable Solid-State Audio Recorder
SS250 Control Remote App for SS-CDR250N/SS-R250N
SX-1 Integrated Production Environment
T-3000 Cassette Duplicator
TA-1VP Vocal Processor (powered by Antares)
Tascam DCP Connect Control Software for System Integrators/Managers
Tascam EZ Connect Control Software For End-Users
Tascam MX Connect Control Software for System Integrators/Managers
Tascam PCM Recorder MKII Stereo recorder application for iOS devices
TC-1S Solar Rechargeable Tuner
TC-8 Chromatic Tuner/Metronome
TG-7 Tuner/Metronome for Guitar and Bass
TH-02 Stereo headphones
TH-06 Bass XL Monitoring Headphones
TM-10L Lavalier Microphone With Screw-Lock Connector
TM-150SG Shotgun Microphone For Video Shooting
TM-180 Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
TM-200SG Shotgun Condenser Microphone for Video Shooting
TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone With Headphones Output
TM-280 Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
TM-2X High-quality microphone for digital cameras
TM-60 Battery-powered condenser microphone
TM-70 Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting and News Gathering
TM-80 Condenser microphone
TM-82 Dynamic Microphone for Vocals and Instruments
TM-90BM Boundary Condenser Microphone
TM-95GN Gooseneck Condenser Microphone
TM-AG1 Microphone pop filter
TM-AM1 Boom Microphone Stand With Counterweight
TM-AM2 Scissor Arm Microphone Stand
TM-AM3 Boom Microphone Stand With Counterweight
TM-AR1 Acoustic control filter
TM-D4000 Digital Mixing Console
TM-DRUMS Microphone set for drums
TRACKPACK 2x2 Complete Bundle for the Recording Novice
TRACKPACK 4x4 Complete Bundle for the Recording Novice
TSSD-240A 240-GB Serial ATA SSD
TSSD-240B 240-GB Serial ATA SSD
TSSD-480B 480-GB Serial ATA SSD
TT-M1 Scratch Controller
UH-7000 High-end USB audio interface
US-100 USB Audio Interface
US-1200 USB Audio Interface (6 in, 2 out)
US-122 USB Audio/MIDI Interface
US-122L USB Two-channel Audio/MIDI Interface
US-122MKII USB 2.0 Two-channel Audio/MIDI Interface
US-125M USB Mixing Audio Interface
US-144 USB Four-channel Audio/MIDI Interface with Digital I/O
US-144MKII USB 2.0 Four-channel Audio/MIDI Interface
US-1641 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (16 in, 4 out)
US-16x08 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (16 in/8 out)
US-1800 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (16 in, 4 out)
US-1x2 USB Audio Interface
US-1x2HR High-Resolution USB Audio Interface (2 in / 1 mic, 2 out)
US-200 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (2 in / 4 out)
US-2000 16/4-Channel USB Audio Interface
US-20x20 20-Channel USB Audio Interface / Digital Mixer
US-224 Audio Workstation Controller
US-2400 Audio Workstation Controller
US-2x2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (2 in, 2 out)
US-2x2HR High-Resolution USB Audio/MIDI Interface (2 in, 2 out)
US-322 USB Audio Interface (2 in / 2 out)
US-366 USB Audio Interface
US-428 Audio Workstation Controller
US-4x4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (4 in, 4 out)
US-4x4HR High-Resolution USB Audio/MIDI Interface (4 in, 4 out)
US-600 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (6 in / 4 out)
US-800 USB Audio/MIDI Interface (8 in / 4 out)
VL-A Series Reference Monitors
VL-M3 Active Monitor Set
VL-S3 / VL-S3BT Powered Desktop Monitors
VL-S5 Powered studio monitor speaker
VL-X5 Bi-amplified Near-field Studio Monitor
VS-R264 Full HD Video Streamer/Recorder
VS-R265 4K/UHD Video Streamer/Recorder
WS-11 Windscreen for DR series recorders
X-15, X-17 Professional Mobile DJ Mixer
X-48 48-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation
X-48MKII 48-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation
X-9 Professional DJ Digital Mixer
XS-8, 4, 3 Scratch DJ Mixers