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BO-32DE, BO-16DX/IN and BO-16DX/OUT are versatile breakout boxes that provide up to 32 balanced analogue audio inputs/outputs for audio devices equipped with D-sub audio inputs/outputs like the Tascam ML-16D/ML-32D or older multi-track recorders like the Tascam DA-98HR or DA-78HR, for example. They can also be used with any other product fitted with D-sub connectors compatible with standard Tascam pin assignment according to AES59-2012.

The BO-32DE with its Euroblock inputs/outputs is primarily intended for fixed wiring in permanent installations, while BO-16DX/IN and BO-16DX/OUT with their standard XLR connectors are ideal when even more flexibility is required like in broadcast, recording or post production studios or during live events.

All three models feature rugged, 1U rack-mountable metal chassis with invertible and removable rackmount ears and lettering that can also be read when mounted upside-down.


16 balanced audio inputs on XLR connectors for devices equipped with DB-25 connectors

In combination with a BO-16DX/OUT output breakout box from the same series, you can use the BO-16DX/IN to convert from D-sub to easy-to-use XLR inputs and outputs. The BO-16DX/IN provides 16 XLR female connectors wired to two DB-25 connectors (eight channels each). This allows you not only to connect all 16 channels to one device, but also to use eight channels each with two different devices.

Connection example with a Tascam ML-32D:

Tascam BO-16DX/IN and BO-16DX/OUT breakout boxes connected to a Tascam ML-32D

Tascam DB-25 pin assignmentThe BO-16DX/IN uses two DB-25 connectors for balanced connections with the main audio device. Tascam standard pin assignment, which is compliant with AES59-2012, ensures this breakout box can not only be used with Tascam products but also with any other audio device that meets this standard.

Removable rackmount ears on the Tascam BO-16DX/IN breakout boxThe BO-16DX/IN breakout box can be mounted very flexibly by changing the direction that the rackmount ears are attached to it. You can also entirely remove the rackmount ears when using the unit placed on a tabletop.

Tascam BO-32DE, BO-16DX/IN and BO-16DX/OUT breakout boxes mounted in a rackCan be mounted in the front or rear of a 19-inch rack case

Thanks to its compact size, including a depth of only 45 mm, this breakout box can even be mounted in the back of a rack case allowing for compact installations with very short cable runs.

The Tascam BO-16DX/IN breakout box has space for labellingThe BO-16DX/IN provides space above the connectors for labelling, for example, your cable routing. Panel lettering also supports upside-down use so you can mount this breakout box just the way you need it.

Features at a glance

  • 16-channel balanced audio input breakout box for ML-16D/ML-32D or other products with compatible D-Sub connectors
  • 16 XLR female connectors on front panel for balanced audio inputs
  • Two 25-pin D-Sub connectors (8 audio channels each) on rear panel with standard Tascam pin assignment (AES59-2012)
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • 19-inch rackmount (1U)
  • Removable rackmount ears can be attached to either front or rear
  • Dimensions (w × h × d): 483 mm × 44 mm × 55 mm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Cables not included


Front connectors 16 × XLR-3-31 (balanced)
Rear connectors 2 × 25-pin D-sub, female
Attachment screws 4 × No. 4-40 UNC (inch threads)
Dimensions (w × h × d) 483 mm × 44 mm × 55 mm
Weight 0.9 kg
Included items Rackmount screw kit, owner’s manual

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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