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Manuals and specifications

  Date Language Size
Owner's Manual
23.07.2004 en 1,6 MB
Quick Start Guide
23.07.2004 en 386 KB

  Date Language Size
US-2400 v1.31 User Mode
05.09.2005 en 9 KB
Using the US-2400 with Pro Tools
02.09.2005 en 185 KB
US-2400 Native Protocol
30.08.2005 en 64 KB
Application Guide
23.07.2004 en 238 KB

  Date Language Size
v1.31 Release Notes
05.09.2005 en 129 KB
v1.31 for OS X
30.08.2005 en 720 KB
v1.31 for Windows XP
30.08.2005 en 457 KB
v1.20 Update Information
27.08.2004 en 223 KB
v1.20 for Macintosh
12.08.2004 en 377 KB
v1.20 for Windows
12.08.2004 en 316 KB

  Date Language Size
SoftLCD v1.01 for Windows XP (AMD/Intel)
Important: Running on English XP version only
12.09.2005 en 3 MB
SoftLCD v1.0 for OS X
30.08.2005 en 3,3 MB