30 June 2020

Tascam Adds a Vamp Playback Function to Their Latest Live Recording Mixer Model 12

In music, "vamping" means the repetition of certain phrases or improvisation over a repeated phrase. With the built-in recorder in the Tascam Model 12, you can now mark up to ten such phrases per song, which can then be played repeatedly during playback.

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19 February 2020

Greatly Improved Windows Drivers for a Number of Tascam Audio Interfaces

Tascam have developed new version 4.0 Windows drivers for six of their USB audio interfaces, enabling users to make full use of the processing power of modern computers and build music production environments with ultra-low latency.

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16 January 2020

Tascam Announces Compact Integrated Production Suite for Audio and Multimedia Creators

Model 12 is a new member of Tascam’s highly acclaimed series of integrated mixing/recording/production devices designed for music or multimedia production, remix/EDM creation, songwriting, and live performances. Featuring a 10-input analogue mixer, 12-track digital audio recorder, MIDI connectivity, USB audio interface, and DAW control functions in a compact and affordable package, Model 12 is a very flexible all-in-one solution not only for basic recording and mixing: Solo artists can play along with tracks or beats live, podcasters make use of the smartphone input with mix-minus feature when they stream interviews or music creations to their fan base, and musicians or multimedia producers can use the audio interface simultaneously with the multi-track recorder, click output and MIDI equipment to create perfectly synchronised arrangements of multiple sound sources.

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01 November 2019

Tascam Bass XL Headphones Now Available Worldwide

After the great success in the USA, Tascam now also delivers its TH-06 Bass XL monitoring headphones to other countries in the world.

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30 October 2019

Tascam Bundles iZotope RX 7 Elements With DR‑10L Micro Audio Recorder

Tascam has announced that it is bundling its black DR‑10L Micro Audio Recorder with a free full version of RX 7 Elements, iZotope’s groundbreaking audio repair and noise reduction tool. The DR-10L / RX 7 Elements bundle brings a powerful recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges, including weddings, on-location films, and documentaries, to name a few.

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23 October 2019

Tascam Expands Installation Line With Professional-Grade Blu-ray Player

Tascam introduces a rugged and reliable, professional-grade Blu-ray player building on the success of its predecessor BD-01U. The new BD-MP1 incorporates dynamic features such as HDCP control support and power-on playback as well as protective user control options being the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial installations, including public, educational and commercial facilities, theaters, amusement and entertainment businesses, to name a few.

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25 September 2019

Compact, Commercial-Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer From Tascam

Tascam announces a single-rack-space, multi-zone audio mixer for commercial applications. The MZ-123BT builds on the popularity and feature set of its big brother MZ-223, adding Bluetooth-functionality and a simple, intuitive control design and layout that makes it as easy to operate as it is to install and set up.

Tascam MZ-123BT

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18 September 2019

Tascam Introduces 16-Track All-In-One Mixing Studio

The new Model 16 from Tascam takes live multi-track recording to an affordable new level, having the ease and feel of an analogue mixer but with the recording quality of a modern digital recorder. It integrates a 14-channel analogue mixing desk, 16-track internal digital recorder, multi-track USB audio interface, 16 editable effects and versatile routing and monitoring capabilities into an all-in-one unit and fits comfortably in a rehearsal studio, home studio or any production environment where recording quality is paramount and space is limited.

Tascam Model 16

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17 July 2019

Tascam Announces Eight-Channel Microphone Preamp With Analogue Compressor

Tascam has unveiled the SERIES 8p Dyna, the company’s first standalone 8-channel mic preamplifier and A-D expansion device with analogue compressor. Featuring versatile connectivity and re-designed high-end microphone preamp circuitry, the Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna is designed for both studio and stage use. Housed in a rugged 1U rack-mount casing, its dual S/MUX optical ports make it a perfect expansion unit for a Tascam SERIES 102i or 208i, US-20x20, or other S/MUX-equipped audio interfaces including ADAT, or it can be used as a stand-alone front end.

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28 June 2019

New 24bit/192kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interfaces From Tascam Now Available

Building on industry buzz surrounding its launch announcement earlier this year, Tascam has begun shipping its SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i audio interfaces with a powerful suite of bundled third-party software that further enhances the appeal of these powerful new audio interfaces.

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