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Compact, Commercial-Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer From Tascam

25 September 2019 –

Tascam announces a single-rack-space, multi-zone audio mixer for commercial applications. The MZ-123BT builds on the popularity and feature set of its big brother MZ-223, adding Bluetooth-functionality and a simple, intuitive control design and layout that makes it as easy to operate as it is to install and set up.

Tascam MZ-123BT

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Tascam Introduces 16-Track All-In-One Mixing Studio

18 September 2019 –

The new Model 16 from Tascam takes live multi-track recording to an affordable new level, having the ease and feel of an analogue mixer but with the recording quality of a modern digital recorder. It integrates a 14-channel analogue mixing desk, 16-track internal digital recorder, multi-track USB audio interface, 16 editable effects and versatile routing and monitoring capabilities into an all-in-one unit and fits comfortably in a rehearsal studio, home studio or any production environment where recording quality is paramount and space is limited.

Tascam Model 16

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Tascam Announces Eight-Channel Microphone Preamp With Analogue Compressor

17 July 2019 –

Tascam has unveiled the SERIES 8p Dyna, the company’s first standalone 8-channel mic preamplifier and A-D expansion device with analogue compressor. Featuring versatile connectivity and re-designed high-end microphone preamp circuitry, the Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna is designed for both studio and stage use. Housed in a rugged 1U rack-mount casing, its dual S/MUX optical ports make it a perfect expansion unit for a Tascam SERIES 102i or 208i, US-20x20, or other S/MUX-equipped audio interfaces including ADAT, or it can be used as a stand-alone front end.

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New 24bit/192kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interfaces From Tascam Now Available

28 June 2019 –

Building on industry buzz surrounding its launch announcement earlier this year, Tascam has begun shipping its SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i audio interfaces with a powerful suite of bundled third-party software that further enhances the appeal of these powerful new audio interfaces.

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Tascam Includes Free Full Version of iZotope Neutron Elements with Their New 192-kHz Audio/MIDI Interfaces

27 June 2019 –

Tascam announces that it is now including a free full version of iZotope’s Neutron Elements music mixing software with its SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i audio/MIDI interfaces. This collaboration between Tascam and iZotope brings a streamlined workflow solution to digital and desktop music producers, recording enthusiasts or those seeking to create and mix professional quality music in the studio or on the go.

Tascam SERIES 102i, SERIES 208i

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All information about video streamers from Tascam now available

12 June 2019 –

After a short announcement in January, Tascam have now released all the information about their brand new AV streamers and recorders. VS-R265 and VS-R264 are AV-over-IP streaming encoders and decoders which offer simultaneous encoding, streaming, recording and decoding of audio/video material in 4K/UHD or Full HD resolution using the H.265/HEVC or H.264 video codecs. They can be used for transmissions over corporate networks and WANs or for live streaming into the internet plus automatic FTP upload of recorded files to network storage.

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Tascam to Introduce a New Range of AV Solutions at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam

05 February 2019 –

At ISE 2019, Tascam will showcase a brand-new range of innovative AV products for system integrators and installers on its booth. Aimed at education, corporate/industrial users and governmental institutions, these fully AV-enabled solutions offer solid, ultra-reliable workhorse platforms similar to the professional products that Tascam is renowned for.

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Tascam Introduces New USB Interfaces and Handheld Recorders at NAMM

24 January 2019 –

At the NAMM Show 2019 in Anaheim, California, Tascam will be showing two new powerful USB audio/MIDI interfaces with DSP capabilities and three new exciting handheld recorders that can also be used as a USB interface.

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TASCAM Annouces The Multi-Track Live Recording Console of the New Era “Model 24” ---The Classics, Reborn---

28 August 2018 –

TEAC Corporation (Tama, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yuji Hanabusa) will release the Multi-Track Live Recording Console TASCAM Model 24.

TASCAM has continuously been providing industry-leading recording solutions such as the TASCAM 38 Open Reel 8-track, the DA-88 Digital 8-track and the legendary Portastudio family of Analog Cassette and Digital Multitrack recorders. Now, TASCAM is reinventing its legacy, one of its classic lineups, infused with the latest audio technology; The brand new, beautiful multi-track live recording console, Model 24.

Whether for your rehearsals, live shows or production, Model 24 is the most ideal true multi-track recorder, mixer, and audio interface. The triple-function hybrid recording console has evolved to perfectly meet today’s music industry demands.

The Classics, Reborn.

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TASCAM Announces New Brand Guideline Releasing A New Catchphrase And Brand Statement Video

21 August 2018 –

TEAC Corporation (Tama, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yuji Hanabusa) will release a new catchphrase and brand statement video for TASCAM, which represents TEAC's professional audio equipment brand. In accordance with the events, TEAC Corporation is also announcing the renewal of TASCAM's official website.

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