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Wall-Mount Controllers for the MX-8A Matrix Mixer

10/10/19 -

TASCAM RC-W100The RC-W100 is a wall-mountable programmable remote control for the Tascam MX-8A Matrix Mixer or other compatible products. Four switch buttons and one encoder with push-button function allow users to select between four or eight audio sources, adjust volume levels and mute sound in a permanently installed audio system. The easy-to-read, illuminated display provides information about the selected audio source and the current volume setting. Материалы для скачивания » | Страница Продукта »

Tascam Website Now Available in Polish Language

10/07/19 -

The Tascam Europe website is now also available in Polish. Starting with ten translated product pages, most other product information is supposed to be available in Polish one after another. A support request form for customers from Poland is also available and will be processed by Polsound, our Tascam distributor for Poland.

New Firmware for DR-05X and DR-07X

10/01/19 -

Tascam DR-07XTascam DR-05XFirmware version 1.10 is now available for our DR-05X and DR-07X handheld audio recorders which offers a timer for recording at specific times. We have also made the Overdubbing function easier to understand and changed the default speaker and mic power settings.


DR-07X Downloads »DR-05X Downloads »

New Compact, Commercial-Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer

09/25/19 -

Tascam MZ-123BTThe MZ-123BT is a single-rack-space, multi-zone audio mixer for commercial applications. It builds on the popularity and feature set of its big brother MZ-223, adding Bluetooth-functionality and a simple, intuitive control design and layout that makes it as easy to operate as it is to install and set up.
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The new Model 16: 16-Track All-In-One Mixing Studio

09/18/19 -

Tascam Model 16The new Model 16 from Tascam takes live multi-track recording to an affordable new level, having the ease and feel of an analogue mixer but with the recording quality of a modern digital recorder. It integrates a 14-channel analogue mixing desk, 16-track internal digital recorder, multi-track USB audio interface, 16 editable effects and versatile routing and monitoring capabilities into an all-in-one unit and fits comfortably in a rehearsal studio, home studio or any production environment where recording quality is paramount and space is limited.
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