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Information on the Current Situation

03/23/20 –

Dear customers, in the current situation, safety and health of our colleagues and employees is, without exception, a top priority for us. This is why most of our personnel now work from home. The management has ensured that the technical requirements for this are also in place.

We are confident that we will be able to ensure a functioning operation despite the completely new situation. Nevertheless, we ask for your indulgence if delays in the delivery of goods occur in logistics due to border closures, shortage of loading capacity or other interventions in the free movement of goods.

Many thanks for your understanding. Stay safe!

Version 4.0 Windows USB Driver Enables Even Shorter Latencies

02/19/20 –

Buffer size can be as low as four samplesOur new version 4.0 Windows drivers for six of our USB audio interfaces enables you to build music production environments with ultra-low latency. To accomplish this, the audio buffer size of a US-20x20, US-16x08, US-4x4, US-2x2, US-1x2 and iXR can now be selected up from four samples only (64 samples in earlier versions). Assuming the appropriate computing power, the resulting latency of such a system is hardly noticeable and ideal, for example, for tightly synchronised overdubs.

Further improvements of the new drivers include better overall stability, optimised display of the software window according to the screen resolution, and a new setting for US-4x4, US-2x2, and US-1x2 that allows the computer to automatically register the interface as default device for audio input and output.

Tascam Dante Audio Converters Now Support SMPTE Standard ST 2110

02/10/20 –

TASCAM ML-16D/ML-32DWe are expanding three existing products with a firmware update to include SMPTE standard ST 2110, which enables separate encoding and transmission of media streams over an IP network. The Tascam ML-16D / ML-32D Dante audio converters and the IF-DA64 expansion card for the DA-6400 64-track audio recorder are thus able to integrate linear PCM audio signals into the IP data stream in accordance with ST 2110-30.

New Installation Brochure and System Design Guide

02/10/20 –

Tascam Installation Products Tascam System Design GuideProducts We have updated our product catalogue for installers and system integrators to reflect all of our exciting new products for broadcast and permanent installation applications. Moreover, our new System Design Guide presented for the first time at the ISE is now also available for download.

Visit our Brochures page where you’ll also find our latest Pocket Guide, for example.

Model 12: Our New Production Suite for Music and Multimedia Creators

01/16/20 –

TASCAM Model 12Tascam is proudly presenting another member of the Model family: The new Model 12 is acompact all-in-one integrated mixing and recording suite with 10 analogue inputs and a built in digital multi-track recorder.

Combining the feel and interface of analogue mixing with the efficient workflow and pristine quality associated with digital recording and production, the affordable Model 12 is perfect for desktop-style audio and multimedia production, small-format live performances as well as podcasting and live streaming.

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