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The IF-E100 is an Ethernet control card for the CD-400UDAB multi-format player that supports playback of files on CDs, SD cards, USB flash drives and Bluetooth sources and includes a DAB+/FM tuner.

Installing an IF-E100 into a CD-400UDAB enables external control by Ethernet and inclusion in network systems.

Network settings for Tascam CD-400UThe CD-400U Network Settings application enables network settings for a CD-400UDAB with an IF-E100 installed to be made and checked using a Windows/Mac web browser.

* Network settings can also be made and checked using the "Network Set." menu on the CD-400U.

* The CD-400U Network Settings app can be downloaded free from the download page.


  • Ethernet expansion card for remote control over a network
  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Ethernet standard: 100BASE-TX
  • Transmission protocol: Telnet
  • Network settings can be made and checked using the menu on the CD-400UDAB or the CD-400U Network Settings web browser application, which is compatible with Windows and Mac

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