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Manuals and specifications

  Date Language Size
Owner's Manual
23.07.2004 en 2,6 MB
Setup Guide
23.07.2004 en 764 KB
Using with Cubase or Nuendo
23.07.2004 en 607 KB

  Date Language Size
Product information
19.04.2011 en 130 KB
Flyer (Product Information)
19.03.2007 en 351 KB

  Date Language Size
Firmware v183 (Windows)
improved MIDI reliability
29.07.2005 en 436 KB
ARM173/FGPA49 (Windows)
Driver v1.30 or higher to be installed first! Firmware updater for Mac users is included with the appropriate driver installer.
01.10.2004 en 438 KB

  Date Language Size
v1.80 for Windows 7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
Final windows driver designed for this product.
06.04.2010 en 1,8 MB
v1.70 for OS X (32-bit)
Final 32-bit Macintosh driver designed for this product.
29.03.2010 en 3 MB
v1.70 Release Notes
25.04.2009 en 137 KB
v1.70 for Windows Vista, Windows XP
25.04.2009 en 1,8 MB

  Date Language Size
SoftLCD v1.50 for OS X
24.03.2005 en 130 KB
SoftLCD v1.40 for OS X
01.10.2004 en 129 KB